Hire Me to Speak

Hire Me to Speak

Mat’s down-to-earth, honest, and energetic personality and willingness to share his unique story has placed him in high demand to speak at conferences, with thousands of fans following him on a variety of channels.

A highly engaging speaker for corporate events, Mat brings his first-hand experience, inspiring approach and contagious energy to every audience he addresses, leaving everyone in the room feeling empowered to do more, with a new sense of purpose.

Potential Speaking Topics

Learn how a lemon was a key part of Mat’s success and discover how Mat can help your organisation improve by capturing lemon moments time and time again in this 1 hour talk.

It’s all about the lemon

Mat can tailor a 45 minute talk to motivate and inspire your team, ending with a 30 minute Q&A session specifically designed to engage on a level that’s important to your team.

Custom Q&A / Ask Mat

Whether it’s improving your team, inspiring your company or just motivating everyone around you, Mat can give a 60 minute keynote on putting the Y back into lyfe so your team members can get the spring back in their step and make the next quarter their best yet.

High Performance – Put the ‘Y’ back in your lyfe

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