31 Mins

31 Mins


31 Mins began with a focus on Mat’s personal health and fitness. However, he has since learned that it can be applied to so many other aspects of life. When your days are jam-packed it’s so much easier to commit to doing activities in short bursts.

Whether that’s 31 Mins on the treadmill, rather than an hour at the gym or 31 minutes making phone calls over two hours on a long meeting, you can achieve so much more in 24 hours with a little commitment to 31 Mins. 31 Mins is the secret to living your best life.

What does 31 mins mean?

31 Mins is for anyone who feels constantly under the pump and out of control; it’s more than a book on time management, the lessons and tips in this book are raw, real and immediately actionable. Once you learn the value of 31 Mins you will realise anything is possible and make it a daily habit for the rest of your life.

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