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What You Are

What You Are 1

Life is really a full responsibility exercise, what you are is a direct result of the choices you have previously made. The great things about it is though is even if you aren’t exactly pumped with what you have become so far you can change it now, today, just after watching this video. You can […]

The Signal

The Signal 1

Ever wondered why things are happening in your life the way they are? Why do some people enjoy great things that continually keep flowing to them and others well not so great things keep flowing to them. It all has to do with your signal, Every one of us are continually putting out a signal […]


Disappointment Monday Starter

Just the word can make you feel a bit yuk but is disappointment really all that bad. There have been many examples how people have gone from down and out to bounce back and achieve great success. At different stages in our life wed all experience disappointment and you can either let it weigh you […]



Saw a great movie the other day, Hercules, it was packed with action and was really well done. In part of the movie Hercules loses his power and is chained and bound. He would usually have the strength to break free however he starts to doubt who he is and his abilities. Until a friend […]

Got No Money

Got No Money

I got an email from a viewer to say they are working hard but just got no money. They feel like they should be further progressed than they are however the money just hash’t been flowing to them and they are just getting by. They ask should they be earning more money than they are […]