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Meet The Steinwede’s

Meet The Steinwede's

Many people have asked do I really have 6 kids, yes I do and here they are. They range from ages 15, 13, 12, 10, 3 and 1 and all want to become different things when they grow up. So today I introduce you to them and also ask them a question. What you you […]

Life Is Teaching Your How To Run

Life Is Teaching You How To Run

This video is in response the the massive amount of emails and message I get from people who are on the verge of giving up. Yes I read each one of them and I can see that some people are hurting or feel really flat about where they are at. Sometimes you can feel like […]

Feel The Music

Feel The Music

There is heaps of training on motivation, success, work and other similar stuff but what about the way you feel. Have you ever heard a new track and it has just done something to you inside. Has it resonated on a whole new level that all you want to do is turn up the music […]

What You Are

What You Are 1

Life is really a full responsibility exercise, what you are is a direct result of the choices you have previously made. The great things about it is though is even if you aren’t exactly pumped with what you have become so far you can change it now, today, just after watching this video. You can […]

The Signal

The Signal 1

Ever wondered why things are happening in your life the way they are? Why do some people enjoy great things that continually keep flowing to them and others well not so great things keep flowing to them. It all has to do with your signal, Every one of us are continually putting out a signal […]